Res Publica is an information service specializing in U.S. politics and policy. We inform you about the latest news and offer election compasses as a source of information in the run-up to elections.

About the team: We are two friends from Germany, who share a keen interest in U.S. politics. Together we work in our spare time on this project. We both come from STEM backgrounds and develop this web application with great joy.
This is us:
Lena Adams: BSc Informatics (University of Hamburg), living and working in London.
Christian Ziemann: MSc Physics (University of Hamburg), living and working in Hamburg.

Res Publica – loosely meaning ‘public affair’ – was defined by Cicero as a public thing, a thing of the people, a society. This Latin phrase is the root of the word ‘republic’ and with our web application we want to be supporters of this republican idea – by informing and engaging voters.

Res Publica is a nonpartisan project.

You can learn more the project Res Publica here:
Res Publica – FAQ