Texas 2022 – All issues

Here we list all issues we did research on and found at least one position. This list is not exhaustive. We only list one source, but there are or may be more on the issue.

Please keep in mind:
– There is no guarantee the nominees will be able to keep their campaign promises.
– Some of these source are very old – and nominees may have changed positions over time.

The issues below are categorized. The categories are the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

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Retired teachers

Abbott: A much-needed cost of living increase for retired teachers. (twitter.com, Jul 15, 2021)
O'Rourke: Beto for retired teachers! Our retired teachers haven’t received a cost-of-living adjustment since 2004. That changes when we win. (twitter.com, Aug 06, 2022)

Veterans homelessness

Abbott: Challenge veteran’s organizations, foundations, municipalities and community organizations to end veteran homelessness in Texas. (gregabbott.com, Nov, 2017)
O'Rourke: I will prioritize efforts to end veteran homelessness in Texas by the end of my first year in office. (betoorourke.com, 2022)





How to address the nursing shortage?

Abbott: [No information about position]
O'Rourke: we will launch the Texas Nursing Jobs Plan to fully cover the education and training of 7,500 new nurses a year in return for their service to our communities. (betoorourke.com, 2022)

Reduce the maternal mortality rate

Abbott: I put solutions to the maternal mortality rate on the special session & expect the Legislature to pass laws to address it. (twitter.com, Jun 8, 2017)
O'Rourke: I will also support healthy babies and combat Texas’ maternal mortality crisis (betoorourke.com, 2022)

STEM cell research

Abbott: The government of Texas has passed a bill permitting clinics statewide to use experimental stem cell therapies on select chronically and terminally ill patients. (georgetown.edu, 2017)
O'Rourke: [No information about position]

Medicaid health care coverage post-partum

Abbott: six months (twitter.com, Aug 5, 2022)
O'Rourke: at least one year (twitter.com, Jul 20, 2022)

Affordable Insulin

Abbott: I’ll also sign legislation to keep insulin affordable for Texans with diabetes. (twitter.com, Sep 8, 2021)
O'Rourke: we'll expand Medicaid and ensure every Texan can see a doctor and afford their prescriptions. (twitter.com, Mar 14, 2022)

Mandatory Covid-19 vaccination

Abbott: Always voluntary. (twitter.com, Jan 28, 2021)
O'Rourke: [No information about position]

Mask mandate for public transportation

Abbott: BREAKING: Federal judge blocks mask mandate for public transportation. Great! It’s long past time to ditch masks on planes. (twitter.com, Apr 18, 2022)
O'Rourke: Beto O’Rourke said Wednesday that he would respond to the new variant by getting out of the way of schools and businesses that want to mandate masks and vaccines. (dallasnews.com, Dec 02, 2021)

Mask mandate for schools

Abbott: The time for government mask mandates is over—now is the time for personal responsibility. In May, I signed an executive order prohibiting mask mandates by gov't entities. Every Texan has the right to choose whether they will wear a mask or have their children wear masks. (twitter.com, Jul 27, 2021)
O'Rourke: Work with your Texas school district to ensure they follow all CDC guidelines, including requiring masks in schools. (twitter.com, Sep 04, 2021)

Mental health care for veterans

Abbott: Our veterans need & deserve better mental healthcare. I announced strategies to address that. Go to http://GregAbbott.com and click on the green square titled Front of the Line for our veterans to learn more. (twitter.com, Jun 24, 2018)
O'Rourke: I authored and passed legislation that expanded access to VA mental health care to veterans with other-than-honorable discharges, granted every separating service member access to a mental health screening. (betoorourke.com, 2022)

Medical marijuana for veterans

Abbott: Veterans could qualify for medical marijuana under new law. I will sign it. (twitter.com, Jun 11, 2021)
O'Rourke: expand access to medical marijuana and other alternatives to harmful opioids (betoorourke.com, 2022)

Health care in rural communities

Abbott: ALL Texans, including the most vulnerable Texans & rural hospitals, will have access to the critical health care resources they need. (twitter.com, Apr 26, 2022)
O'Rourke: I will expand Medicaid to help keep rural hospitals open and ensure no Texan has to drive hundreds of miles just to see a doctor. (betoorourke.com, 2022)



Student loans

Abbott: Texas is helping the police officers who protect our communities & families. We now have a law that helps cops pay back student loans. (twitter.com, Jun 12, 2019)
O'Rourke: I will wipe clean all of the debt of public school educators. (twitter.com, Jul 11, 2019)

Gold standard Pre-K

Abbott: Provide funding to districts that opt to implement a gold standard, high quality, accountable prekindergarten program with the goal of demonstrating long-term prekindergarten success. (gregabbott.com, 2014)
O'Rourke: [No information about position]

Free Pre-K

Abbott: [No information about position]
O'Rourke: When I’m governor, EVERY child will have access to free (twitter.com, Apr 11, 2022)

Tuition-free college?

Abbott: [No information about position]
O'Rourke: No. I am not for free college for all (Sinsidehighered.com, Apr 15, 2019)

Leveraging Technology for Greater Access and Affordability

Abbott: Issue college credit for edX courses and count it toward degree requirements. (gregabbott.com, 2014)
O'Rourke: [No information about position]

Education in rural communities

Abbott: [No information about position]
O'Rourke: I will create incentive allotment programs for rural teachers and physicians to ensure rural communities can recruit and retain the very best talent. (betoorourke.com, 2022)



Equal Pay

Abbott: I strongly support equal pay. As a husband and father of a teenage daughter, I will ensure equal pay in TX. (twitter.com, Oct 17, 2014)
O'Rourke: I stand with all women in demanding equal pay for equal work. (twitter.com, Apr 10, 2018)

Contraception coverage mandate

Abbott: Obamacare "forces business owners to subsidize or offer services contrary to their religious beliefs." (setexasrecord.com, Nov 26, 2013)
O'Rourke: [No information about position]

Mail-order abortion drugs.

Abbott: Mail-order abortion drugs are now prohibited in Texas. (twitter.com, Sep 24, 2021)
O'Rourke: I will veto any future legislation that seeks to further control women, including Republican proposals to limit access to contraception (betoorourke.com, 2022)

Birth control

Abbott: [No information about position]
O'Rourke: I will trust Texas women to make their own health care decisions. (betoorourke.com, 2022)

Interstate travel for abortion.

Abbott: [No information about position]
O'Rourke: I will veto any future legislation that seeks to further control women, including Republican proposals to [...] prevent Texans from crossing state lines to seek reproductive care (betoorourke.com, 2022)

Legalize buying sex?

Abbott: When Gov. Greg Abbott signed House Bill 1540, Texas became the first state to make buying sex a felony. (dallasobserver.com, Aug 17, 2021)
O'Rourke: [No information about position]

Funding for Office on Violence

Abbott: [No information about position]
O'Rourke: Increase funding for Office on Violence against Women by 10 times. (facebook.com, Aug 20, 2019)

Public breastfeeding

Abbott: Texas governor signs bill clarifying that women are allowed to pump breast milk in public (texastribune.org, Jun 11, 2019)
O'Rourke: [No information about position]

Female Genital Mutilation

Abbott: Texas Expands Ban on Female Genital Mutilation. (twitter.com, Jun 14, 2017)
O'Rourke: [No information about position]

Eliminate 'tampon tax'

Abbott: Governor Abbott fully supports exempting feminine hygiene products from state and local sales tax (texastribune.org, Aug 18, 2022)
O'Rourke: [No information about position]

Equally representation of women in his Administration

Abbott: [No information about position]
O'Rourke: I signed a pledge with @lc_wins to ensure my Administration would be equally represented. (twitter.com, Jun 26, 2019)





Gas prices

Abbott: Texas has lowest gas price average of any US state. It's still too high. But Texas is doing better than all other states. (twitter.com, Aug 13, 2022)
O'Rourke: A roomful of cheers and applause: to gas prices going down (elpasotimes.com, Sep 02, 2022)

Reduce energy bills?

Abbott: [No information about position]
O'Rourke: We’re going to prevent energy corporations from price gouging Texans in the future and dramatically reduce Texans’ energy bills going forward. (betoorourke.com, 2022)

ESG investing

Abbott: Abbott signed a bill into law Monday banning state investments in businesses that cut ties with the oil and gas industry. [...] The new measure is Texas' Republicans latest rebuke of ESG investing as the state clings to its status as America's crude capital. (pionline.com, Jun 15, 2021)
O'Rourke: [No information about position]

Radioactive waste in Texas

Abbott: Texas will not become America's nuclear waste dumping ground. (twitter.com, Sep 14, 2021)
O'Rourke: [No information about position]

The future of coal?

Abbott: Abbott also told the PUC to incentivize companies to build and maintain nuclear, natural gas and coal power generation for the grid (texastribune.org, Jul 06, 2021)
O'Rourke: [No information about position]

Clean energy

Abbott: Texas to United Nations: Pound Sand The world is reeling from spiraling fuel costs caused by premature over-reliance on renewable energy. High fuel costs punish middle class families & stoke the supply chain crisis. Texas oil & gas is needed right now. (twitter.com, Oct 25, 2021)
O'Rourke: I will add to our hundreds of thousands of oil and gas jobs by pursuing the Texas labor movement’s aggressive clean energy jobs plan, which aims to create 1.1 million high-paying jobs over the next 25 years by investing in geothermal power generation, hydrogen-fueled energy, offshore wind, solar generation, energy efficiency, and more. (betoorourke.com, 2022)

Fix the power grid

Abbott: Regulators are on the beat, enforcing new laws. 14 laws were passed to: -increase power capacity -winterize the grid -protect critical power infrastructure -empower regulators to enforce requirements. (twitter.com, Feb 7, 2022)
O'Rourke: I will fix the power grid (betoorourke.com, 2022)




Abbott: Texas oil companies are adding more rigs each week. That should lower gas prices & reduce inflation across America. (twitter.com, Mar 12, 2022)
O'Rourke: Here are 4 things that I'll do as governor to reduce property taxes and combat the rising inflation we're feeling (twitter.com, Apr 21, 2022)

Break up monopolies

Abbott: [No information about position]
O'Rourke: he would promote regulations on business and industry that protect consumers, promote competition and grow the economy. He supports stronger antitrust regulations to break up monopolies he says stifle competition and innovation. (elpasotimes.com, Mar 14, 2019)

Social Security

Abbott: [No information about position]
O'Rourke: it has since lifted more Americans out of poverty than any other government program. But today, it's under attack. Here's my plan to strengthen Social Security (twitter.com, Aug 14, 2019)



Toll roads

Abbott: Abbott stated [...] that he does not want more toll roads established in the state (ttnews.com, Nov 21, 2017)
O'Rourke: [No information about position]

Broadband for rural Texas

Abbott: We're bringing fast, reliable internet to every corner of the Lone Star State. (twitter.com, Aug 3, 2022)
O'Rourke: I'll make the investments necessary to finally expand rural broadband so this state supports our students, teachers, farmers, small businesses, and hospitals. (twitter.com, Aug 04, 2022)



Use sites where Indigenous people were banished for tourism

Abbott: Abbott is trying to make money by attracting tourists to Indigenous historical and cultural sites. (theguardian.com, Aug 10, 2021)
O'Rourke: Respecting local stakeholders. Native communities, indigenous people, when it comes to what happens on their land or what travels underneath their land (facebook.com, Aug 20, 2019)

Affirmative action

Abbott: Greg Abbott, did submit a brief supporting UT-Austin’s use of race in admissions back in 2011. (houstonpublicmedia.org, Jun 23, 2016)
O'Rourke: [No information about position]

Equal opportunity for Texans with disabilities

Abbott: We must ensure all Texans have equal opportunity to contribute to the workforce & build the Texas of tomorrow. (twitter.com, Oct 23, 2021)
O'Rourke: Texans with disabilities of all ages deserve equal opportunity to live and age in place and to achieve economic self-sufficiency in the community. (betoorourke.com, 2022)

Same-sex marriage

Abbott: Deeply disappointed in TX Supreme Court's wrong ruling on same sex divorce. But Texas Constitution definition of marriage remains intact. (twitter.com, Jun 19, 2015)
O'Rourke: Four years ago, marriage equality became the law of the land thanks to champions fighting day after day. We will honor that victory by committing to achieving full LGBTQ+ rights, signing the Equality Act into law, and ensuring everyone is finally treated with dignity and respect. (twitter.com, Jun 26, 2019)

Foster children for LGBTQ+ families?

Abbott: Texas Governor Greg Abbot signed House Bill 3859 on June 15, allowing faith-based adoption agencies to deny placement of foster children with same-sex couples, Jews, Muslims and others based on “the provider’s sincerely held religious beliefs.” (outinsa.com, Jun 16, 2017)
O'Rourke: I don't think you can be too gay to buy a cake. I don't think you can be too gay to open your caring family to one of TX's 30,000 kids in the foster care system. Let's end this discrimination. Let's pass the Equality Act. Let's ensure equal justice under law for LGBTQ Americans. (twitter.com, Jun 4, 2018)




Abbott: Today I explained how Texas leads America in oil & gas + wind energy production. We ship clean burning LNG to other countries to reduce their energy cost & clean their air. We’ve done all this while reducing pollution equal to removing 80 million vehicles from TX roads. (twitter.com, Nov 21, 2019)
O'Rourke: I will enforce our pollution laws (betoorourke.com, 2022)

Local debt

Abbott: Require a two-thirds supermajority vote to approve issuance of new local debt (gregabbott.com, 2018)
O'Rourke: [No information about position]

Local debt

Abbott: Improve the transparency of local debt, prohibit debt from being used for non-specified purposes, and restrict the use of certificates of obligation. (gregabbott.com, 2018)
O'Rourke: [No information about position]

Invest into West Texas

Abbott: The people of West Texas have helped our state become a global economic powerhouse, and we will continue fighting for policies that keep the promise of Texas alive in their communities. (twitter.com, Aug 04, 2022)
O'Rourke: I'm going to make sure that the wealth those resources generate flow back to the places from which they came. (twitter.com, Dec 14, 2021)





Man-made influence on climate

Abbott: Why worry about CO2? Because it is 1/2 of 1/10 of 1% of atmosphere & only 10% of that is man made. (twitter.com, Jul 12, 2015)
O'Rourke: The climate is changing. And man-made climate change is a fact (thinkprogress.org, Oct 17, 2018)





Animal Rights: Ban rodeo?

Abbott: It's rodeo time in Texas! Support your local rodeo and celebrate the Lone Star State's proud Western heritage. (twitter.com, Jan 21, 2022)
O'Rourke: [No information about position]

Safe Outdoor Dogs Act

Abbott: Chaining dogs outside will finally be illegal in Texas as Abbott signs animal cruelty bill into law (houstonchronicle.com, Oct 27, 2021)
O'Rourke: [No information about position]



George Floyd

Abbott: Texas Governor Greg Abbott is deliberating whether to issue a pardon for Floyd [...] Abbott attended Floyd´s memorial service last year in Houston, where he met with the family and floated the idea of a 'George Floyd Act' that would take aim at police brutality. (dailymail.co.uk, Dec 21, 2021)
O'Rourke: There will be no justice for George Floyd until all of his killers are tried & convicted. No justice until police are held accountable for murdering those they are sworn to serve & protect, everywhere in this country. No justice until all Americans are truly equal under the law. (twitter.com. May 30, 2020)

US Army in Iraq, Somalia, and Yemen?

Abbott: [No information about position]
O'Rourke: I will end the War in Afghanistan, but also bring our service-members home from Iraq, Somalia, and Yemen. We don’t need war to solve these challenges. We can do it with diplomacy. (twitter.com, Jul 31, 2019)

NRA and tax-exempt status

Abbott: [No information about position]
O'Rourke: The NRA should lose its tax-exempt status. (twitter.com, Sep 27, 2019)

Weapons for Ukraine?

Abbott: The U.S. must do more to end this war. Sanctions are not enough. Ukraine needs weapons. (twitter.com, Feb 26, 2022)
O'Rourke: [No information about position]

Convention of States to restore Constitution

Abbott: Our Founders were clear about how our government was to be structured. They foresaw the threat of an over-expansive federal government and the need for States to check the federal government from stepping beyond its Constitutional powers. The Constitution itself is not broken. What is broken is our Nation’s willingness to obey the Constitution and to hold our leaders accountable to it. The solution is to restore the rule of law by ensuring that our government abides by the Constitution’s limits. (gregabbott.com, 2022)
O'Rourke: [No information about position]

Expand the Supreme Court

Abbott: [No information about position]
O'Rourke: he floated the idea of having as many as 15 judges (foxnews.com, Mar 15, 2019)

Data Collection

Abbott: Make state agencies, before selling database information, acquire the consent of any individual whose data is to be released (gregabbott.com, 2013)
O'Rourke: [No information about position]

DNA rights

Abbott: Recognize a private property right in one’s own DNA (gregabbott.com, 2013)
O'Rourke: [No information about position]

End private prisons

Abbott: [No information about position]
O'Rourke: Let’s end cash bail, private prisons, and the war on drugs. (Source: twitter.com, Mar 30, 2019)

End cash bail

Abbott: Beto will End Cash Bail for Hardened Criminals: WRONG WAY O'ROURKE (gregabbott.com, Apr 20, 2022)
O'Rourke: Now would be a great time to END CASH BAIL. (twitter.com, Mar 31, 2020)

Free Assange?

Abbott: [No information about position]
O'Rourke: We do not treat the press as the enemy of the people. [...] I am really concerned about the close connection between WikiLeaks and the Russian Security Services. (youtube.com, Sep 07, 2019)

Kyle Rittenhouse

Abbott: Rittenhouse -- NOT GUILTY! (twitter.com, Nov 19, 2021)
O'Rourke: This sets a very dangerous precedent that a young man, in fact a 17-year-old, could carry a weapon originally designed for battlefield use out on the streets of a community and can shoot a number of people killing, two of them, and be able to get off completely scot-free (dallasnews.com, Nov 19, 2021)

Voting rights for prisoners

Abbott: Bernie Sanders says Boston bomber should be able to vote from prison. Would he extend that to all proven jihadists in American jails? Some inmates might be able to govern the prisons they are locked in. America cannot be taken over by this lunacy. (twitter.com, Apr 24, 2019)
O'Rourke: I would think especially for non-violent offenders that we rethink removing the right to vote (cnn.com, Apr 24, 2019)


Abbott: Abbott also proposed changes to state privacy laws. He described his proposals as pushing back against federal and state efforts to turn government “into Big Brother.” (texastribune.org, Nov 11, 2013)
O'Rourke: I'm co-sponsoring NSA oversight bill -- we shouldn't be spying on Americans. (twitter.com, Jun 15, 2013)

Strengthen forensic services

Abbott: [No information about position]
O'Rourke: I will strengthen forensic services (Source: betoorourke.com, 2022)

Rape kit backlog

Abbott: Texas is serious about clearing rape kit backlog. We will use this evidence to arrest & prosecute rapists. And we will help victims of sex assault. (twitter.com, Jun 29, 2019)
O'Rourke: I will [...] end Texas’ rape kit backlog (betoorourke.com, 2022)

Texas Military Forces

Abbott: To continue building a rapid response military force to deal with the state’s many challenges, the Governor should lead a recruitment drive to double the ranks of the Texas State Guard to a force of 5,000 members. (gregabbott.com, Nov, 2017)
O'Rourke: [No information about position]

Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) Process

Abbott: To provide oversight and leadership, create a temporary Governor’s Committee to support the U.S. Military in Texas in preparing for the possible upcoming decisions of the Base Realignment And Closure Committee. (gregabbott.com, Nov, 2017)
O'Rourke: [No information about position]

Legal Services for Veterans: Enhance state grants

Abbott: Enhance state grants to organizations providing legal services to veterans from $1.5 million per year in the 2018-19 biennium to $3 million per year in the 2020-21 biennium (gregabbott.com, Nov, 2017)
O'Rourke: [No information about position]

Legal Services for Veterans: Enhance state grants

Abbott: Expand opportunities for state-employed attorneys to offer pro bono services to veterans. (gregabbott.com, Nov, 2017)
O'Rourke: [No information about position]




Abbott: [No information about position]
O'Rourke: Questioning U.S. commitment to NATO most reckless thing yet. Puts U.S. service members in Europe -already in harms way - at greater risk. (twitter.com, Jan 17, 2017)

No boycott of Israel law

Abbott: Texas stands with Israel. (twitter.com, Dec 17, 2018)
O'Rourke: [No information about position]

Israel: two-state solution

Abbott: [No information about position]
O'Rourke: He went on to endorse a two-state solution to achieve peace between Israel and the Palestinians. (cnn.com, Apr 8, 2019)

Israel: Moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem

Abbott: Thanks @realDonaldTrump for moving it to its rightful location. (twitter.com, Jan 17, 2020)
O'Rourke: This policy on the part of the president, this decision he made to move the embassy, was absolutely, unnecessarily provocative. (jewishvirtuallibrary.org, 2020)

Keep Texas a no-income-tax state

Abbott: Join me to keep Texas a no income tax state. (twitter.com, Nov 5, 2019)
O'Rourke: One of my top priorities will be to bring down costs for small businesses by keeping Texas a no-income-tax state (betoorourke.com, 2022)

War Tax

Abbott: [No information about position]
O'Rourke: Beto O’Rourke on Monday called for Congress to enact a “war tax” any time the country goes to war, with the proceeds going to care for veterans of the conflict. (politico.com, Jun 24, 2019)

Consumption Tax

Abbott: Property tax itself is unfair. Any amount. What it boils down to is, the government owns it , not you. Period!!!!! There, William, I tweeted it. Because it's true. That's why I'm trying to shift from a property tax system to a consumption tax system so you control what you pay. (twitter.com, Apr 15, 2019)
O'Rourke: [No information about position]